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The key theme of Vid, ‘Venice innovation design’, an initiative conceived by San Servolo srl in collaboration with Venice International University, is the transformation of San Servolo into the island of Design on the occasion of the 2018 Architecture Biennale. This spectacular location of the Venice lagoon housed an asylum until 1978, the year in which the Basaglia law was promulgated. After years of neglect, San Servolo is restored to its former glory in the 90s, following a significant restoration. San Servolo s.r.l., a company that since 2004 has the task of administering and enhancing the island’s heritage, decides to make available to Italian companies of excellence a space aimed at researching and creating design products.
The goal is to create a real product atelier: a work in progress scenario. Each company is invited to leave its own mark in San Servolo, which will become a prestigious showcase during the 2018 Architecture Biennale and at the same time, a place of interaction and exchange between different business realities, but united by the same desire to discover and innovate.
Project details
Project: SGA – Studio Giallombardo Architettura
Year 2018
Construction start year 2018
Works end year 2018
Status Works completed
Typology Theaters / Museums / Associations, Foundations / Interior design and furnishing / Lighting / Art galleries / Recovery / Restoration of historic buildings / Furniture