Nuova piazza di Valdobbiadene



Competition project for the new square of Valdobbiadene. Redesign of road and pedestrian paths, project of cultural, historical and food and wine connections. The project involves overlapping several compositional matrices. The first is the enhancement of the main route between the fountain and the bell tower with a flood, but also a real path that allows the user, through the greenery, a complete perspective of the same. The second matrix refers to the conformation of the architectures of the facing buildings, within which the stone courses are woven. A third compositional matrix concerns ground lighting, designed to punctually reward the composition on the ground, diffused or indirect to highlight different moments, which however allow us to grasp the whole. The lighting is also designed to redevelop the architectures participating in the project, a true element released and finally emerging
Project: SGA – Studio Giallombardo Architettura
Year 2019
Public Client
Status Architecture competition
Typology: Public space
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